Perforated Panel

Perforated Panel

HY perf design service plays a key role in our comprehensive service package for perforated panel products, intending to shorten customer's supply chain and provide the most efficient production process.


Perforated Panels

HY Industry perforated plates use aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and cold-rolled carbon steel plates as raw materials for production.

  • Perforated Mesh Types
Round, square, oblong, triangle, oval, decorative shape and a broad variety of special shaped holes according to the request. 
HY Industry offers perforating, bending, rolling, cutting, forming and other processing. 
             Patterns come in with customer's requirments. When ordering, it's necessary to provide following information:
  •   material 
  •   thickness
  •   dimensions
  •   hole shape
  •   hole arrangement
  •   edges 

        Finishes Available 

  •   mill finish
  •   galvanized 
  •   anodized                                     
  •   powder coat


  •   sunscreens
  •   exterior Facades
  •   ceilings
  •   filters
  •   separation
  •   shields and protection
  •   microwave ovens
  •   computer cabinets
  •   safety flooring
  •   pollution control
  •   exhaust components
  •   soundproofing