Architectural Grating

Flush Top

Whether you have a difficult space to reach, or need a bespoke architectural design, we will provide a structure that is compliant and safe. As specialists in custom access and mounting, we can quickly provide a smart, economic and comprehensive design.


Aluminum Flush Top Gratings

Flush top grating is another clean-appearance architecture product developed by HY Industry. The cross bars with diamond shapes are flush with bearing bars and locked by high hydraulic pressure, providing a comfort smooth surface.

HY Industry offers the most cost effective and reliable flush top gratings. Meanwhile, the production lead time and quality are fully guaranteed.

 Types Available

  • Flat aluminum  flush top grating(specifications are based on customer's requirements)
  • Serrated aluminum flush top grating(specifications are based on customer's requirements)

         Finishes Available 

  • mill finish
  • clear anodized
  • powder coat


  • passage          platform         parking spot         fence                            floors
  • walkway          catwalk          façade                   sunscreen shield  
  • building ceiling

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