Visit from Australia

Visit from Australia

On Sept 4, two Australian customers came to us. One purpose was to discuss some matters we met in our business of steel grates. Another was to get better understand for the CEO in us and our business.

We discussed 5 items in this meeting. First one is to alternate product identification methods for easier identification in warehouse settings for customer. To solve this matter, we agreed to have product codes stencilled on two sides of the steel grates frames for easier identification.

Second item is to alternate packing methods and fixing methods in container for safer work in unloading steel grates in Australian warehouse. And we agreed to a good method to make sure the security.

The third one is to discuss standard pallet quantities to ensure consistent understanding between our customer and HY Industry. This is for confirmation on all future orders placed based on the it.

The forth one is to discuss the mechanical load batch testing on steel grating. We made a plan to conduct the load batch testing in the meeting.

The last one is forecasting and stock. We talked about the future orders and having stock in case of emergency.

After meeting, we had some pleasant activities. Two good men made this meeting pleasant and warm. And I believe we are strengthening our business and private relationship.