More orders before Christmas Holidays

More orders before Christmas Holidays

With the coming of the Christmas Day, our customers are placing more orders to us, requiring an urgent lead time. Some of them will be on holidays from 10 December or so, the products are required earlier than this time, to allow them enough time to complete their projects.
This brings big pressure to us, we are trying best to have these orders finished on time. At the same time, HY is always providing the highest quality standard. 

As the high quality HY provides, customers are always satisfied with our products and service, and they are happy to place more orders even the pricing of aluminum material and steel material is rising. 

There are still 6 containers of steel grates will be shipped before the end of next month, while many containers including LCL of aluminum grating and aluminum louver are ongoing, and 7 containers of expanded grating will be shipped before December. We also get many inquiries on aluminum rectangular hollow section, perforated panels, aluminum panels, and other products. 

HY Industry is expanding, with more and more agents all over the world and branches in civil markets. I’m sure HY will be your good partner, providing high quality products, superior service, designing service and advice.