Presentation in Shanghai

Presentation in Shanghai

HY held introduction conferences in Shanghai from October 24 to October 27, total of 4 conferences.

Designers from departments, including different departments from architecture interiors design, environment construction decoration design, decoration design, building decoration interior design, and many many architectural design institute creation, engineers, architects from different institutes were coming to attend these conferences.

In theses conferences, we introduced our “SWAGE” and “EXPANDED” and other products with the advantages to the designers, to provide a new solution instead of the previous one.

“SWAGE” series includes swaged aluminum grating, swaged aluminum louver, “EXPANDED” series includes 4 kinds of expanded grating and 2 kinds of perforated profiles.

Compared with current products in China, our “SWAGE” and “EXPANDED” products are friendly-economical, light weight with good bearing capacity, competitive, anti-corrosion, and can meet any project no matter how mass the project is. All these characters make our products more attractive.

After the conferences, many designers were coming to us consulting with the issues they have met in their following projects and seeking for a better way using our products. They also talked about the problems of some completed projects which bothered them a lot. HY products can solve these problems and make it better.

We do believe HY products can be a star in civil market.