HY New Product

HY New Product

As the request of our clients, HY has been working on a new kind of swaged products used as floor mats. 

It's combined with cross bar and a new type flat, assembled through a high hydraulic pressure awaging process, and then filled with rug. This kind of product is with the same process with other swaged products, like swaged aluminum grating and aluminum louver.

The swaging process makes the unique aluminum grating or floor mat pretty tight and pretty, with no welding points, and it will be corrosion resistant after anodizing. The aluminum grating mat is with high strength, high and low temperature resistant. The flanged surface makes it anti-slip, and the rug in the gap makes it comfortable for people standing on it. The spacing of bearing bar and cross bar is the same as general swaged aluminum grating, we have types of spacings for your choice. 

HY can design and develop other kinds of aluminum grating mat to meet different needs. 

The aluminum swaged grating mat could be applied to indoor or outdoor. It can be used as bathroom mat or door mat.